Galicaster in Kiosk mode

The guys at Teltek SA have been doing a great job coding a UI for the capture agent -side of Opencast matterhorn.

Here’s a few lines about how I’ve been implementing their work.

The idea is to have more control of the recording process, and to better monitor what’s going on. These are just the same problems I was experiencing with the standard matterhorn CA. We’re planning on building a couple of systems of this nature for use in distance education, without a live audience. It also allows lecturers to capture presentations when they have the time for it.

Here are a few pictures from the test-setup I have in my room, it’s a kiosk-style case with a touch-screen for controlling and monitoring the recording process. On top of it is currently my laptop (probably will replace that with a standard PC and a 24″ FullHD display soon).

The camera is a Logitech C910 USB webcam.

Tux serves an important role here, he’s keeping the lecturer concentrated in looking at the camera, and serves as a stand-in for a real audience. And he’s cute!

Here’s a closer look at the setup:

The numpad on the right is controlling the powerpoint slides on the laptop. The laptop screen shows the powerpoint slides together with the list of all slides, so the lecturer can has his notes showing, and he can see what slides are next etc…

The output from the laptop’s DVI-D signal is fed into a DVI2USB -box from epiphan, which allows capturing FullHD screens at reasonable framerates.

Once the video is captured, just a few touches of the screen, and it’s automatically ingested into our Opencast Matterhorn cluster.

Great thanks go to Vicente and Hector (and all their collegues of course) for the hard work producing this software and especially for sharing it with us!

When we get this working with “real” cameras using HD-SDI, this will be awsome!

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